Won’t Listen:

Dog Jumping Before Training:

Dog Not Jumping After Training:

Won't Sit Bites Leash:

Home Dog Training – Example 1: MOLLY

Obedience training in your home is the best way to train your dog.
Dog Obedience Classes are an okay way to socialize your dog with other dogs and people, but they cannot duplicate problems that most people have with their dogs in the home. That is why home dog training is the best way to train your dog.

Controlling Molly around other dogs:

Notice the lack of tension from both dog owners. Everybody is calm and happy and the dogs are happy. The way we act gives a signal to the dog how they should act. If we show confidence in our dog about meeting other dogs our dogs usually will do the same. The worst thing you can do is approach another dog with a tight leash. Another mistake that owners do is not say anything to their dog. Owners must act friendly and encourage their dogs to be friendly and verbally praise them for doing so.

Molly approaching an aggressive dog:

Notice Black German Shepard (Molly) is calmly approaching the aggressive dog. In this case it would be unwise for me to continue to have Molly socialize with this aggressive dog. The owner with the aggressive dog cannot control her dog. The owner of the aggressive dog should start giving a sit and stay command to her dog well in advance of approaching another dog. Also, it is nearly impossible for the owner to handle her dog in this situation making it necessary for her to purchase a shock collar to get control. After a short time the owner will be able to just put the shock collar on her dog without giving it any shock at all.

Dalmation Counter Jumping:

Native Indian Dog Jumping on Guest before training:

Native Indian Dog Not Jumping on Guest After Training:

Winston Excessive Jumping Before Training:

Winston broken of the Excessive Jumping After Training:

Black Lab Excessive Jumping:

Shining My Dogs Nose:

How To Walk Your Dog In The Woods:

Walking Your Dog In A Crowd (Part 1):

Walking Your Dog In A Crowd (Part 2):

Walking Your Dog In A Crowd (Part 3):